Managed Services

Managed Services

We provide a complete management solution for your technology and IT services.

Graphic showing the life cycle of a managed service initiative.Your business is your business…our business is IT. We can take care of the daily maintenance of your servers and infrastructure by providing professional managed services. Although we are experts with technology, we are also focused on customer service. This means that not only will your systems run efficiently, but you will feel confident that your IT is in good hands. By taking care of the routine, we will free you to focus on your core service offering. Professionally managed IT Services is a great way to keep your business strong.

It is no longer cost effective for most small businesses to manage their own infrastructure. With the flexibility, security, and scalability of cloud services, the cost of monitoring and maintaining mission critical services can be offloaded. We can provide an evaluation of your current IT infrastructure including email, office software, application hosting, and backups.

Without constant monitoring, it is impossible to prevent service outages. We can take care of this for you. We can install a small device on your network which will allow us to become your Network Operations Center, constantly on the lookout for problems with your computers, routers or switches. We will be able to detect usual traffic patterns that would result from one of your systems becoming infected with a virus.

Even though we can help protect your systems from external threats, it is very difficult to stop users from doing the wrong thing. Generally, a solid written policy can prevent many of these instances. As part of our service management, we can help you draft effective policies around usage of systems in the office.

Are you confident that your systems and your network are being monitored and maintained correctly?

Managed Services team for Tulsa, OK.

Let us manage your IT services

Tell us a little more about your current IT situation. What types of servers to you have, where is your website hosted, how is email managed, what is your backup strategy, what applications do you use? We can review your particular situation and design a custom managed services solution to meet your needs.

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